Stylish smart jewelry: safety at the press of a button

Technology is increasingly meeting fashion. Companies are recognising that the body has limited real Cuff smart jewelryestate and that what you wear is really personal – even when it comes to technology. Starting from that vantage point, Cuff has merged stylish jewelry with functionality of cool wearable technology.

The Cuff collection takes the shape of necklaces, bracelets and key chains, which come in a variety of designs and patterns. This jewelry allows you to stay safe and stay notified. With style.

The technology is built into a small modular component called the Cufflinc. The Cufflinc black sensor box slots into the different jewelry accessories in the collection. There is a wide range available, including bracelets, necklaces and bangles, letting you customise how you wear it, to your outfit and mood.

Cuff smart jewelry

The fact that you don’t have to wear the same piece everyday, but you get to carry the function with you is pretty significant. It is not rocket science but is in line with how people shop. When you buy a bracelet, you don’t think about never having to buy another one again.

But what about the functionality?

Cuff smart jewelryThe Cuff offers a number of features. Perhaps the most important and innovative one is safety at the press of a button. With one press of the device, you can alert your selected network of people and let them know you need help. If they don’t own a Cuff device, they will receive an alert on their mobile notifying them of your location.

According to the company, coming soon, the device will also provide live streaming audio of what is happening at the scene. Your network of people will know that it’s a serious emergency if your smart jewelry sends them a message.

But the device does more than that.

In addition to keeping you safe, Cuff keeps you notified. It offers simple notifications, vibrating if someone important is calling or texting you, letting you only check your phone if it’s actually necessary. Imagine being able Cuff smart jewelryto put your phone away during your meeting, or at dinner, but still being available if someone really needed you. You decide who can break through and make your jewelry vibrate.

The vibrating function can also serve as a reminder if you move out of range of your smartphone.

The Cuff app guides you through creating your community. You decide who you want to alert if you are in trouble. For example, two taps for you husband, three taps for your best friend etc. You also decide who can make your device vibrate so that you are alerted when you’ve put your phone away. The app is compatible with iOS as well as Android, allowing you to sync all of your devices to one account.

Cuff smart jewelry

Finally, the device provides basic fitness tracking metrics, including step counting, calorie counting and the ability to compare what you’ve eaten with your daily activities. As an activity tracker, it is not as feature rich as some other dedicated devices. It does offer the basics though.

Cuff jewelry is attractive, affordable (prices range from $49 to $199), and bundles a lot of different wearable features together. Soon smart jewelry and other wearables will be turning on your lights, unlocking your car door and who knows what else!

The tech community is increasingly grasping the importance of designing wearable technology that is both functional and attractive. To view our overview of our favourite activity trackers, designed with female fitness enthusiasts in mind click here.

Cuff Smart Jewlry
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