Misfit Ray – a stylish new fitness tracker that resembles a bracelet

California-based Misfit offers a line of sleek and inexpensive activity trackers that don’t obviously look like tech objects. The company has launched a number of products in recent months. In September, we saw the Speedo Shine, a new activity tracker for swimmers. In October Misfit announced its next generation fitness wearable, the Shine 2. A few weeks ago it added yet another fitness device – the Flash Cyclist Edition.

Late last year the company was acquired by Fossil Group, a fashion manufacturer that produces watches and jewelry, in a deal worth an impressive $260 million. In its first major release since the merger, Misfit has at CES 2016 announced its newest device, the Misfit Ray.


This is an activity tracker made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminium that for the first time moves away from the circular shape that Misfit is well known for. Rather than many LEDs, there is only one which displays different colours to alert you to text, call and other notifications from your phone.

The fitness tracker is designed to be worn alongside a watch, according to Misfit. It has a cylindrical body that measures at 38mm long with a 12mm diameter. The device resembles a bracelet and easily looks like something Jawbone could have made. Misfit Ray is extremely customizable and can be attached to a number of different accessories allowing you to wear it on your wrist or around your neck. It can even be tied right into your sneakers.


The device offers pretty much the same functionality that can be found in Misfit’s other devices. It allows you to monitor sleep duration an quality; see steps taken and distance travelled; tag specific activities such as cycling or yoga; track calories burned; take selfies and control lights and music; and get vibration alerts for calls, texts and alarms. It also features movement reminders.

Misfit Ray
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Misfit Ray runs on replaceable button cell batteries that run up to 6 months – so one less device to recharge in the evening. It is water resistant up to 50 metres.

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