Mira adds to its range of fashionable wearables

Mira, a Chicago-based company, is a smart jewellery brand designed by women, for women. The company is working on redefining the wearables category by taking design cues from the fine jewelry world, adding innovative tech and moving away from the sea of black, rubber that has permeated the market.

The first iteration of the device raised funds successfully through Kickstarter back in 2014. Their current collection features the Mira bracelet, available in five finishes (Heart of Gold, Hot Chocolate, Rosé All Day, Jetsetter and Polished Rosé All Day).

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Mira wearablesIn this CES 2016, Mira is back with two new innovative designs, the Vivid Wellness Bracelet, available in Rose All Day and Heart of Gold finishes, and the Vivid Wellness Pendant.

Beyond its sleek design, Mira has powerful technology which will provide you with information on steps, distance, calories burned and elevation. It also has an app to match which will let you tag activities such as yoga or swimming, and you can also log your food intake. New for 2016, Mira’s app provides additional goal-setting features to help women track what matters most to them.

Dedicated to revolutionizing women’s wellness and inspired by the modern-minimalist trend, Mira jewellery is fashionable and feminine. By designing a smart bracelet that is versatile, durable and stylish enough to be worn whenever and wherever, Mira is able to get a real understanding of your daily habits. The company then takes that data and gives you informative, honest and fun messages that helps you answer the question “So what?” when it comes to understanding your activity patterns.

Mira Wellness and Activity Bracelet
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