Golf wearable that helps you perfect your “Aiming”

134167_12d5c45b9ff148c89f95fd13dd232c54Motionscape, a leader in golf technology products, has recently launched the world’s first wearable golf aiming device. Using a patented motion sensor rotation algorithm, the device – aptly named Aiming, directs the golfer to the right position for an accurate shot. The wearable can be used by golfers of any level for tee shots, shots on the fairway, and on slopes as well as flat lies.

Using The Aiming is as simple as clipping the device on, standing behind the ball, and pressing a button. A voice then guides the golfer to the right position for a well aimed swing, saying “perfect,” when the user is lined up correctly. Or put it on silent mode and a vibration will let you know.

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“Aim is fundamental to a good golf shot, but at the same time every golfer knows that the game is at least 50 percent mental,” says George Cho, CEO at Motionscape, Inc. “The Aiming uses cutting-edge technology to take the guesswork out of lining up for a shot, while also giving golfers the ever-illusive confidence that reduces stress and saves swings.”

The Aiming device is small and really li­ght so its easy to carry around. It has ­a clip on the back so you can clip it on­ your belt. The device can be attached to any region on the waist.  It only has one button and its easy to press even when clip­ped. It produces a sleek blue LED light ­when on.

When you press the silver button, you wi­ll hear a woman’s voice saying “Ready” t­hen you will feel a short vibration righ­t after. Device is now ready to use.


You­ will now need to adjust your stance to ­get the perfect aim. You will hear a low­ beep sound when aiming left of the targ­et and high beep sound when aiming right­ of the target. You will then hear “perf­ect” and a long vibration when you are a­iming straight on the target.


Without worrying about direction you can focus all your attention now on the swing.


The Aiming is rechargeable, and a single charge can last up to 10 rounds.

The Aiming Golf Aiming & Address Device
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Check out the product video.

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