Hexoskin Smart: a sensor-embedded smart shirt

crowdfunding-picHexoskin is back. The company first turned to Indiegogo back in 2013 to bring us the World’s First Biometric Smart Shirt. This time, they are bringing us Hexoskin Smart, the World’s First Biometric Smart Shirt compatible with your favorite fitness tracking apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Endomondo, and MapMyRun.

The sensor-embedded garment monitors and records your heart rate, breathing, and movement. It provides insights on intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level, and sleep quality.

This is a great alternative to bulky heart rate monitors that can quickly get uncomfortable in many situations. The shirt is made out of fabric imported from Italy, and Hexoskin says is extremely comfortable, durable, odor-resistant, and even safe to use in contact sports.

Price: $329

Funding closed:
$128,563 USD total funds raised
214% funded on February 26, 2016

Estimated delivery: April 2016
[28/10/16 update – shipping is about to begin]


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