Improve your skills with the Basketball Replay Analyzer

We have published a number of articles now on gadgets and wearables that track various sports including football, golf, cycling and swimming to name a few. This is, however, our first review of a product that aims to take your basketball skills to the next level.

The Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer by Blast Motion is a tiny device that you clip to your waistband, which then connects via Bluetooth to analyze your game. The device goes well beyond basic activity tracking, and is equipped with a highly accurate 3D motion sensors to capture performance metrics and detect key events like acceleration, rotation, and your jump height in real-time.


Additionally, the Smart Video Capture technology allows the Blast app to create video clips, allowing you to easily locate, replay and share your action highlights. The patented Smart Video Capture™ technology will automatically identify your actions and clip your video to create a series of video highlights, overlaid with your metrics (vertical height, hang-time, rotation and jump acceleration).

Video is saved into your personal history as shareable clips synced with movement data. You can then detect key events and identify trends by viewing your movement history. You can also store movement data when the sensor is out of range, everything will download to your smart phone or tablet as soon as you reconnect.


The app also has a social feature that allows you to share you latest statistics and moves with your friends. You can challenge each other to trick shots and plays or just see who performs the best.

Basketball Replay Analyzer
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The tracker has an excellent 4.3 average rating on Amazon and a range of glowing reviews. If you are a basketball coach, athlete or an active life enthusiast, this little device will help you gain additional insights into your performance, help you gain a competitive edge or you can just use it to show the world how good you are!

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