The wristband for aspiring basketball players

ShottrackerThere are a number of high tech solutions aimed at aspiring basketball players looking to improve their skills. ShotTracker is one such system. A device that relies on wearable technology to automatically track your attempts, makes and misses, providing insights into your strengths and the areas in need of improvement.

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Three components make up the ShotTracker system. A wrist sensor which slides into the wristband or shooting sleeve, a sensor that attaches to the net, and the ShotTracker app. The net sensor runs on a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and is in sleep mode until the user starts shooting.

The first link in the chain is the sensor worn by the user. It is very lightweight at 0.35 oz (9.9 g) so you hardly notice you are wearing it. The sensor is designed so that it can fit under a purpose-made wrist band or sleeve (sold separately). As the ball leaves your hand and starts travelling towards the hoop, the wrist sensor sends an alerts the net sensor, which then records the shot.


The app automatically gathers data from the hoop and wrist sensor and presents that information in the form of real-time stats and shot charts. There is no built-in memory on either sensor module, so you’ll need to keep your iOS or Android device near the court for your stats to be registered.


The app churns out various metrics and archives every shot attempt, shot success. It also compiles shooting percentages and a shot map. It then uses that information to recommend training drills designed to pinpoint and improve your weaknesses. The app also has a menu of workout options and lets you compete against other ShotTracker users and view their stats. Finally, the app gives basketball coaches the ability to assign workouts to their players and track their progress.


The water-resistant sensor has a battery life of 8 hours and the net sensor can run up to three months of single charge. The net-mounted unit is water-resistant, and it’s designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor courts.

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