Zikto Walk posture and activity tracker

zikto walk posture and activity tracker 2 187x300 - Zikto Walk posture and activity trackerWe all know we should walk more. More than one-half of an average person’s day is spent being sedentary. While walking is an everyday activity, not everyone achieves good walking posture during their busy lives. However, good posture can lead to a healthier and more confident lifestyle.

Zikto is a virtual coach that analyzes your unique walking patterns to help you walk right. It also tells your physical body balance and can be used as a basic activity tracker on the top of the call/sms information functions. Back in 2014, the company raised over $160,000 in funds on Kickstarter to fund their Arki walking coach device. Now they are back with a new and improved tracker.

So what makes Zikto Walk so different?

While the device looks and functions like a standard fitness tracker, it offers a few unique functions. Zikto Walk measures your swing speed, rotation angle with respect to gravity, transferred vibration from the feet and more. Based on these measurements, the tracker gives a gentle reminder with a vibration on your wrist when you have bad walking posture, such as looking at a smartphone, putting hands in pockets, or hunching your back. You can monitor your walking postures, scores and progress on the smartphone app.

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Zikto Walk also detects your body balance. Normally, you wear the device on your preferred side. But if you wear it on the other arm once a week or month, Zikto Walk can collect data from both arms. In this way, the tracker can tell you which part of body is out of shape and recommends a workout routine to get your balance back.

zikto walk posture and activity tracker 2 - Zikto Walk posture and activity tracker
Zikto Walk
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The device, of course, features the basic functions you would find on most activity trackers these days. This includes keeping tallies on your steps, calories, distance travelled and hours slept. The tracker also alerts you to any calls, texts, and notifications so you never miss a thing.

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