Tips to help you hit 10,000 steps per day

The fact that so many of us are wearing fitness trackers these days means that we are getting an unprecedented amount of data on the state of our health and fitness. Wearables manufacturers have started to tap into this data to provide us with some interesting insights.

Withings recent blog piece looks at the 10,000 step rule, and how many in their user community actually achieve this goal.

Having looked into statistics from thousands of people in their user community, Withings has estimated that while 89% of Withings users have reached this goal at least once, only 1% manage to do so every day. More interestingly, Withings then compared top performers with other users to find out what habits make the 1% different?

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Apparently, top performers are the most active during weekdays. This consistancy means that they don’t try and make up for any shortage in steps over the weekend. Sunday is the least active day for everyone, but while top performers also take it easy on Saturday, the less successful try to cram as many steps as they can on this day.

10,000 steps
Source: Withings

Withings has also found that top performers get to bed 16 minutes earlier and their nights are more restful. They are also quicker to get moving in the morning and on average start moving 2 hours earlier than others.

10,000 steps
Source: Withings

Running is not as important as some would want us to believe. The top performers only run 1 hour a week on average. But this is still more than the measly 14 minute average for others.

Finally, people who walk 10k steps a day are 10% less likely to feel stressed out than sedentary people (those who walk less than 4000 steps a day, on average). Interestingly, the chart below shows that most of us are feeling stressed regardless of the number of steps taken!

10,000 steps
Source: Withings

So the conclusion is clear. The early bird catches the worm. Get to bed a bit earlier and try to start moving as soon as you can in the morning. Try and maintain a consistenly active lifestyle, but use the weekends to ease off and recharge your batteries.

Withings Activite
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Anyone can achieve 10,000 steps per day. All it takes is adopting a few healthy habits. For more information about the study, head over to the Withings website.

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