LifeBEAM Smart Helmet with integrated heart rate monitor

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet with integrated heart rate monitorThe LifeBEAM smart helmet does a lot of things. It monitors heart rate, counts your calories, gives you an analysis of your performance and protects your head in case you fall. Initially developed by LifeBEAM to monitor the vital signs of pilots and astronauts, the smart helmet was only recently introduced to the rest of the world as a wearable fitness device.

LifeBEAM began in 2011 by developing wearable biosensing technologies and feedback systems for clients like NASA and the US Air Force, protecting the lives of astronauts and pilots during extreme flight and space travel. Since then, the company has brought their advanced aerospace gear back to planet Earth, helping people improve health and fitness.

The LifeBEAM smart helmet is the first helmet in the world that senses your body while you ride. The helmet features a sleek Lazer Genesis design, and is lightweight (weights between 280g and 300g depending on the size) and comfortable (Rollsys Retention System). The inside head strap is hypoallergenic and antibacterial so you can sweat away!

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet with integrated heart rate monitor

Inside the helmet are sensors that monitor your heart rate, count your calories, give you an analysis of your performance, and protect your head – all, according to the company, with aerospace level accuracy. As mentioned, the sensors in the helmets first started as a way to measure the vitals of astronauts and jet pilots.

The technology inside the helmet reads pulse signals directly from your forehead as you ride. Two light beams are transmitted to the skin and the reflection is measured in an electro-optical cell. A 3D accelerometer measures changes in direction and velocity. Algorithms then remove the ‘motion-generated noise’, and process all of the data in real time.

The helmet can pair with almost any fitness application or device. It is also compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet
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The LifeBEAM smart helmet is water resistant so will stay connected in even the most extreme weather conditions. It is also hand washable. Don’t go putting it into the washing machine though!

There are two sizes to choose from: medium (53-57cm) and large (57-60cm). The rechargeable 170mAh lithium polymer allows for 15 hours of continuous use.

Riders who use heart rate and are in the market for a new helmet should definitely give this one a close look. Rather bizarrely, the company also sells a smart hat and even a smart visor! They feature all the sensors of the helmet and are designed for active sports.


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