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Naked 3D fitness tracker: the world’s first home body scanner

The Naked 3D fitness tracker is quite a bit more than just another wellness tracker. It is a full body mirror accompanied by a turntable/scale that promises to take home fitness to a whole new level. The Naked is being touted as the world’s first home body scanner.

Many people struggle with weight loss and their overall fitness. Fad diets are the norm and losing a bunch just to gain it all back and more are all too common.

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A lot of dieters rely on scales to track their progress. The problem is that scales don’t tell the whole story. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you start working out, you may actually be getting healthier without losing any weight. It can be demotivating to put in a ton of work exercising and not see any results on the scale.

In the past, accurate body mass index could only be done with expensive equipment. You needed to schedule an appointment at a doctor’s office or with a personal trainer. Of course, there’s always the pinch test to give you an approximate assessment. But, we live in the 21st century. This is the age of computers and information. This is the age of Naked!

How does it work?

naked 3d fitness tracker the world s first home body scanner 2 - Naked 3D fitness tracker: the world's first home body scanner
Image source: Naked

The mirror leans up against the wall at an angle. It includes a stop on the back side that assures it is positioned at the proper angle. A built in laser pointer shines from the mirror to the spot on the floor that the wireless scale/turntable should be positioned. Once the turntable is in position, the user hops on for a 20 second ride.

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As the Naked’s turntable slowly rotates your body like a mannequin in a department store, the invisible hardware inside is hard at work. The sensors are taking 30 images per second. The computer inside is stitching all the images together in a process similar to panorama mode on your mobile phone. Once it’s finished, the tracker creates a 3D model of your body which you can then admire using the Naked app.

The gear behind the mirror

  • Don’t worry about naked pictures of yourself somehow getting out on the internet. This thing doesn’t have visual cameras. Instead it uses Intel RealSense 3D depth sensors to model your body. They use IR imaging which is only capable of making a colorless profile rather than a full-color photograph.
  • In order to handle all the image processing, it comes prepared with 2 gigs of DDR3 RAM and an Intel quad-core Atom processor.
  • It can connect via WIFI and bluetooth plus it will automatically sync with iOS or Android devices that have downloaded the Naked app.

How does all this help you?

naked 3d fitness tracker the world s first home body scanner 3 - Naked 3D fitness tracker: the world's first home body scanner
Image source: Naked

Fancy 3D images are cool, but how can this help you get fit?

Open up the Naked app and you can interact with a full, rotatable 3D model of your body. You can track your volumetric body fat percentage, body measurements, and weight.

The Naked uses the 3D model to calculate your precise measurements in multiple key areas of the body. You can use the heatmap feature to show you a 3D model of your body accurate to 1/10th of an inch so you can see where you’re bulking up and areas where you’re trimming down.

The Naked also provides you with time lapse images to show your progress. You can literally watch your body reshape over time. Even if you don’t see any change on the scale, you can still see progress on your smartphone screen.


Alright it’s cool, but how much will it cost?

It’s pretty safe to say this is cool product that has the potential to be very useful for a lot of people. The main problem is that the price tag puts this gadget in luxury land for most people. You can get it now at a discount though. Check the website for the current presale price. After that, the price is planned to jump up to $999 when it is released in March 2017.

For more info, head over to the website.

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