PIQ Golf Sensor provides all encompassing real-time golf tracking

The world of golf is rife with all kind of gadgets, and they range from those that are of dubious practicality, to those that can take your game up a notch. It is not uncommon to see weekend duffers with gadgets hanging off their bags.

PIQ sits firmly in the latter camp. This is a golf tracker that is billed as one of smallest and lightest sensors on the market. The device provides you with real-time information on your game, and includes a range finder, a swing analyzer, and a shot-tracker.


You will find in your box the PIQ sensor, PIQFuel battery pack, eighteen NFC tags and the glove clip. The glove clip and the NFC tags are compatible with all brands. Charge your PIQ sensor with the PIQFuel and get ready for the game.


The sensor fits on your glove and communicates with your smartphone to display your distance to the green in real time. What you essentially get is a a bright LED display on your glove that tells you at a glance just how far you have to go to a particular hole.

PIQ has partnered with Mobitee as a source of course info. Mobitee is a company that creates and maintains course information for over 38,000 courses around the world, meaning you’ll know exactly how far away from the green you are at all times. While Mobitee usually charges about $25 for their app and data, the price is included with the PIQ equipment so there are no additional charges.

It doesn’t end here, as the device uses NFC tags attached to your clubs to track shots. This creates an interesting pre-shot ritual. Each time you take a shot, you tap the end of the club to your PIQ device to register which club you’re using. The app will keep score for you. Better golfers will enjoy this function, and the app will catalog your more brilliant shots which you can then share via social media.

You can see all of that information in real time on your smartphone or save the data to review it later. Over time PIQ will use your actual performance to recommend appropriate clubs for you to use for particular shots.

d64b6b6a910c8fb4d3da348f94b42a80Next, there is the swing analysis. PIQ takes data from a 13-axis motion sensor to analyze your swing. You will need your smartphone though to access the information. PIQ automatically tracks your tempo, swing path and club head speed for every shot. At the same time, it’s recording the distance of every shot you hit and where you hit it from so that you can analyze your round later.

Once you’re back home or at the club house, you’ll get to relive each shot and observe your game strategy directly on your smartphone screen. Each shot – along with the club you’ve used and the yardage you’ve covered – is stored in the app and is displayed on the satellite imagery of the hole.

PIQ Golf Sensor
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This is a system that provides you with key insights about your game. The system synthesizes data across a variety of sources and turns this into actionable information that you can use. Its essentially, three devices in one. There are golf sensors out there that track your swing and others that give you yardage and stats, but its nice to have a device that does everything. Even if you are not an expert golfer, having information that helps you craft a strategy and understand your strong and weak points can work wonders for your game.



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