Garmin’s new activity tracker and training device for your dog

Delta SmartPet wearables are probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Garmin. The company has branched out though to release Delta Smart – an activity tracker and training device designed for dogs of all sizes.

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The wearable is a small durable module that comes with three attachment bands to fit almost any dog collar. Garmin’s tracker allows you to train your pooch by monitoring its activity and giving training corrections over the smartphone app.

The device essentially functions as a “virtual leash”. Simply press a key on your phone’s display, and your pet will receive a vibration, tone alert or corrective stimulation from the electronic collar. The signal distracts your dog providing a deterrent to unwanted or annoying behaviours.

Delta Smart

You can even monitor your pet when you are not at home. For example, the app will monitor barks up to a number you have previously set, and then engage the correction if needed.

You can also purchase Garmin’s Keep Away tags that you place near objects that you don’t want your dog to approach. Delta Smart will then use correction to force him to stray away from them. The device will also monitor when your pooch is active, for how long and at what intensity level.

When you get back home, sync Delta Smart to your smartphone to see what your dog has been up to. You will be able to see everything from physical activity levels, to resting times, barks and corrections, training, and the number of times he approached a Keep Away tag. Then its up to you can to decide if he deserves a treat for good behaviour.

Delta Smart

Different family members can connect to the Delta Smart with their own devices, and one smartphone can control multiple dog devices. The little device is splash-proof, and comes with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3 weeks of use between recharges.


“The new Delta Smart is a simple and effective way to help make your dog a happier and more enjoyable member of the family. The Garmin CANINE app is highly intuitive, and the Delta Smart is ‘smart’ enough to learn a dog’s temperament and habits,” said Dan Bartel Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

“Not only can pet owners reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors – the Delta Smart also gives them great insight into their dog’s physical activity and barking patterns.”

The Delta Smart dog tracker is on sale now on Garmin’s website for a suggested retail price of $149.99. Keep Away tags sell for $49.99 each.

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The bark limiting tech looks similar to ‘Bark Collar’. I certainly don’t want to ‘shock’ my dog as it may cause anxiety or behavioural problems. Also it seems this device is not completely submersible under water. The rating states that it is just resistant to splashes or rain.


Really??? A more “advanced” way to shock my dog? When will a company care about the OVERALL well being of an animal and NOT what generates an income through pain and torture of another species? ?

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