FitSleep: a revolutionary sleep tracker and your personal lullaby

crowdfunding-picFitSleep is more than a sleep tracker – accurately logging your heart rate, respirate rate, body movements, sleep patterns, etc. It is also your personal lullaby that uses alpha waves to gently send you to sleep.

The company’s research shows that most people take less time to fall asleep and reach the deep sleep phase faster when they are being lulled by modulated alpha waves. By using a range of sound waves, FitSleep scans how the user reacts to different frequencies. Like a lullaby, these waves calm the nervous system.

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Simply slide FitSleep under your pillow, mattress, or even couch cushion and you’ll never know it’s there.  This is also a sleep tracker with accuracy comparable to medical sleep monitors. FitSleep recruited 200 volunteers from three different venues to test the device’s accuracy against professional devices.

After analysis of your sleeping patterns and vital signs, FitSleep will construct a personalized sleeping report and provide tips to try to help you to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Price: $189

Funding successful:
$128,627 USD total funds raised
114% funded on August 7, 2016

Estimated delivery: September-December 2016


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