Zepp Play Soccer is a new wearable for world’s most popular sport

soccer_intro_sensor_img2xZepp, the makers of 3D visuals and interactive training tools to take your golf, tennis, softball and baseball to the next level, are branching out. This time, the North California based startup is tackling the world’s most popular sport – soccer.

Zepp Play Soccer is a small tracker which slips inside a calf sleeve that is sold as part of the bundle. The device pairs via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, which uses a soccer-orientated algorithm to convert statistics into meaningful player insights. You also get game reports that have the option of featuring video highlights to give insights into play performance.

“We are committed to helping athletes of all levels learn from and progress at the sports they love to play,” said Robin Han, Zepp CEO.

“In taking insights from our current products, Zepp Play Soccer creates the first play-specific sensors that will provide detailed data insights, paired with real-time performance highlights, at a level that has otherwise been unavailable to athletes and teams.”

Once you are ready to play, simply pair the Zepp Play Soccer sensor with the mobile app and click “Start Game,” to begin tracking. After the game, head over to the app for information on distance travelled, number of kicks and kick speed, number of sprints and maximum speed, and total time of game play. Those that are inclined to stay closer to the opponents goal than their own, will be happy to know they will get stats on the percentage of goals made in relation to total number of shots taken.


The app will automatically produce a post-game summary that includes individual player stats. There is also a Team Game mode, which lets multiple players connect to the same match by entering a code or by enabling their location to discover any nearby games. You can then combine data with other teammates to create a summary of game stats while still being able to view personal stats.

Zepp Play Soccer
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Founded in 2012, Zepp products are backed by numerous professional athletes. Its latest tracker on sale on Amazon and various other retail outlets. You get two sizes of sleeves to choose from: small-medium and medium-large.


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