PhiPal: turn any outdoor sports helmet into a smart helmet

crowdfunding-picAttach PhiPal to any outdoor sports helmet to transform it into a smart helmet which automatically detects if an accident has occurred and sends a distress message with GPS geo-localization coordinates to a predetermined circle of contacts.

The motion and altimetric sensors register your acceleration, position, orientation, and altitude using a 10-axis sensor set. Any drastic change in these metrics signal to PhiPal that an accident may have occurred.

If PhiPal determines that the user is unconscious, it initiates the alarm procedure and automatically sends for help. The tracker is also capable of identifying accidents that involve strong deceleration, but not necessarily an impact to the helmet, such as heart attacks, heat stroke and upper body impacts.

Finally, the device provides a wealth of data for performance analysis and social sharing. Through a 3D model, the user (motorcyclist, biker, skier, etc), will be able to analyze the distribution of forces on their body while leaning for a curve and optimize their body position for perfect performance.

Price: $99 (going up to $129 or more)

Funding in progress:
$20,629 pledged of $50,000 goal
36 days to go (as at October 26th)

Estimated delivery: September 2017


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