iBeat: the heart monitor smart watch

bioring the personal trainer on your finger 2 - iBeat: the heart monitor smart watchThis is not your run-of-the mill wrist based heart rate monitor. The watch has been designed to to reduce death from cardiac arrest by intervening in case of emergency.

Ryan Howard, the founder and former CEO and chairman of Practice Fusion, said he started iBeat after losing a friend who was only about 40 years old to cardiac arrest.

iBeat, which doesn’t need a smartphone to function, measures heart activity twice a second, including pulse oximetry, heart-rate intervals and other variables. In the event of cardiac arrest, the wearable will automatically notify loved ones and paramedics or other emergency responders. Wearers of iBeat can also choose to manually alert if there is an emergency, simply by swiping on the screen.

Every iBeat has a personal dashboard to review your heart health information. Unlike other devices, iBeat offers personal insights into your activity and provides solutions for nutrition, stress and other factors which may impact your heart health.

Price: $129

Funding in progress:
$47,592 USD raised, 95% of $50,000 flexible goal
3 days left (as at October 27th) 

Estimated delivery: July 2017


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