Popular sleep tracker Sense gets voice controls

Sense is a unique sleep device which originally raised funds through a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. The tracker is packed with sensors that monitor the conditions in your bedroom giving you insight into how your surroundings affect your sleep.

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Hello has now launched a new iteration of its product. The new device allows you to speak to Sense to find out how well you slept, set your Smart Alarm, play Sleep Sounds, and more. Thanks to a digital microphone array and echo cancellation, the device can hear your voice from anywhere in your bedroom, even if the alarm is sounding. When you say “Okay Sense”, the device will start listening for your instructions.

sense with voice

“Voice has been on the road map for quite a while now,” James Proud, the 25-year-old CEO of Hello, told Business Insider.

“Even before Amazon did Echo, we always thought voice was going to be this beautiful interaction you’d want to have on your nightstand.”

While the device looks the same as the previous product, Hello has also made some design changes. The pill which recognises your sleep through your movement during the night is more sturdy, easier to attach to your pillow and has a longer battery life.

More importantly, perhaps, are the new sensors. While the original Sense tracks temperature, light, air quality, humidity and noise detectors, the upgraded version keeps tabs on UV light, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compound, light temperature and barometric pressure.

sense with voice

Your sleep timeline uses this wealth of data to show you a detailed analysis of your sleep cycles helping you see how even minor interruptions to your sleep can affect the quality of your rest. Each morning, you’ll receive a personalized Sleep Score – based on the conditions of your bedroom, and how well you slept the night before.

sense with voice app

Finally, the 50 person San Francisco startup has also added some smart home controls. For starters Sense with Voice will play nicely with Philips Hue lights and the Nest thermometer. In the future, it will integrate with other smart home devices.

You can buy the Sense with Voice on Amazon.


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