Origin: A mechanical self-winding watch with a smart band

crowdfunding-picJust when we though we’ve seen all kinds of different smartwatch concepts, a mechanical watch-maker called Grayton has come up with an innovative new approach.

Meet Origin – a traditional self-winding analog watch with smart features built into the strap.

What you essentially get is a mechanical watch with moving parts and everything else this entails. The twist, however, is in the band. The watch has embedded electronics cleverly concealed inside its interchangeable strap which allow it to connect to an Android or iOS device for activity tracking, notifications, calendar reminders, music control and more.

The French company is relatively new in the fine watchmaking business. Its founder Remi Chabrat spent twenty years in the watch business with Montrichard Group, making devices for big name companies before venturing out and creating a line of his own.

The watch itself is beautifully designed. A Japanese automatic movement beats inside it giving you both accuracy and timeless elegance. The open-heart dial and see-through back cover puts its self-winding mechanism on display. For added convenience, the device is water-resistant down to 100 meters.

The watch does not need a battery for timekeeping – remember, it is mechanical. The band does need recharging, though. This is done via a concealed USB port hidden at the end of the strap.

Origin is currently on Indiegogo and it has already surpassed its goal. You can pick up the smart timepiece for an early-bird price of $149. The company is hoping to ship in May 2017.

Price: $149 and up

Funding open:

$48,509 USD raised by 227 backers
194% of $25,000 flexible goal
a month left

Estimated delivery: May 2017

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