Apple adds a New Year challenge to Apple Watch

Apple wants to help you start 2017 off the right way. The Cupertino based company has announced a new Activity challenge for its users.

When you strap on your watch on January 2nd, you’ll be greeted by the “Ring in the New Year Challenge”. If you complete the tasks, you will receive a unique badge. Why January 2nd? Apple was kind enough to give us an extra day to recover from New Year celebrations.

Its a simple concept. The Activity app on the Apple watch contains three rings which represent your moves, exercise and stand goals. It you reach these all three goals in a day, you will fill these rings, and your activity is completed. To earn the new badge, you will need to close all three rings every day for a full week. There will be four chances in January to do this. Those who manage to tick off the exercise challenge can brag about their achievement with special stickers in the Messages app on their iPhone.

Apple has pulled this kind of stuff off previously. About a month ago, the company did something similar with a sticker and turkey-shaped Thanksgiving Day Achievement.

The New Year activity challenge is part of Apple’s initiative to encourage health and fitness activity among users post the leisurely holiday season.

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