CES 2017: Doppel beats to your heart’s rhythm to help you chill

Doppel is showcasing a wristband at CES 2017, it claims can naturally make you feel more alert or relaxed. The London-based startup raised over $100,000 back in 2015 to develop the product. Following a number of delays, the wristband is fast approaching a Spring release date.

Most wearables count your steps, distance and monitor your sleep. This device is quite different. It has been designed to work with your body’s natural response to rhythm to change how you feel on demand.

Doppel creates a rhythmic pulse that you feel on the inside of your wrist as a heartbeat like vibration. We do not simply perceive this rhythm, but we entrain to it – a faster rhythm makes us feel more alert, and a slower one calms us down. The effect is similar to listening to upbeat or slower music.

For example, when Doppel beats at your resting heart rate your mood will shift to being more calm. Upping the beat gets you going. A gentle slow beat will be best to wind you down for bed. An intense fast beat will set your cadence on a fast run.

There are no screens or buttons. Stroking the ridge back and forth three times slows the beat. Double tapping over the motor makes the fast beat kick in. Sweeping around the rim lets you control how intense the sensation is, just like the volume knob on your old stereo.

There is some scientific proof behind the wearable as well. The Royal Holloway University of London ran independent tests exploring Doppel’s effect on focus. The study showed the little wearable doubled a user’s focus and alertness, and significantly reduced stress.

The company says it found that people like to use Doppel as-and-when they need it and turning it off between times. If used continuously, the battery will keep going for around 5 hours at maximum intensity. Lower intensity will provide you with 10 hours of continuous use.

Doppel is available for preorder now on the company’s website at a discounted price of around $150.

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