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Smart bathroom scales are one of the best ways to keep track of your health and monitor your fitness goals. Many of these gadgets measure more than just your weight. Some calculate body mass index (BMI), estimate body fat percentage, lean mass, water weight and more. And most importantly, you get an accompanying smartphone app, which keeps track of all your readings so that you don’t have to.

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With advances in technology, smart scales are quickly coming down in price. For even bigger savings, you can opt for a scale that comes direct from a Chinese manufacturer. These are fully featured devices that typically sell for less than $40, and some for less than $20. This is nowhere near the the price of leading Western brands such as Withings and Fitbit which typically run into three digits.

What follows is our roundup of the top 5 Chinese scales on the market today. All of these can be purchased from Gearbest, and some have made it on to Amazon.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale | Yunmai Smart ScaleYolanda Body Fat Scale | Yeshm Body Fat Scale | Meilen Smart Digital Body Weight Scale

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi is making its mark in the connected fitness market with another budget device. The scale was launched in early 2015 and originally sold only in China. It has, however, made its way across the border, which means you can buy it now on Amazon.

31o-l0fWvvL._SX425_The connected scale tracks both weight and body mass index, and works for up to 16 people. This is a Bluetooth enabled device that goes well with the Xioami 2 wrist band, as they share the same smartphone app.

It should be noted, that the scale does not track body fat – something that has become a standard with most smart scales. Xiaomi says the device, which is powered by 4 AA batteries, is extremely sensitive and can track your weight down to 50 grams, or roughly a tenth of a pound. This means that it can even register a difference in weight, before and after you drink a glass of water.

The scale has a built-in LED display that lights up when the users steps on. There are 161 LEDs inside the device to show off the weight in pounds as well as kilograms. The overall body, which has a smooth design and round edges, is protected by tempered glass panels and the display is embedded into the body.

The scale is receiving excellent reviews on Amazon, and is averaging close to 4 stars out of a maximum of 5. This is a great product for the price.

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Gearbest | Amazon

Yunmai Smart Scale


The Yunmai Mini Smart scale comes from a Chinese manufacturer and with a retail price of around $40 sits squarely in the budget category. You wouldn’t know this, however, by looking at its feature-set. Rather impressively, the scale measures up to 10 different body composition statics, including weight, BMI, BMR, hydration, bone mass, body age and more. It also comes with a well designed app that offers you guidance to help you reach your goals.

The first thing that strikes you when you see this scale is its size. It’s sleek, compact and does not take up a lot of space. And we’re not kidding. Measuring 260 x 260 x 19 mm and weighing only 1 kilogram, it is smaller than most other smart scales on the market. For comparison purposes, the Withings WS-50 scale measures 327 x 327 x 23 mm.

The app itsself is impressive and shows a wealth of data. Rather than just providing you with raw data and letting you make sense of it, the company tries to show you what exactly you need to do to improve your health. After all, a thin person is not in every case healthier than an overweight person.

You can chart your weight fluctuations on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You will also get a composite ‘Health score’ each time you weigh yourself. By clicking on any individual category, you get more detailed data and a sliding scale sectioned off into a normal, healthy and very unhealthy range.

All in all, in terms of value for money, this may be one of the best budget smart scales on the market right now.

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Gearbest | Amazon

You can also opt for its big brother. Same scale – larger form factor.

Gearbest | Amazon

Yolanda Body Fat Scale

The Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale tracks weight, body fat percentage, BMI/BMR, bone mass, hydration level, muscle, and body age to help you and your family measure and manage your health stats.

This Bluetooth enabled device utilizes automatic user-identification technology. Upload data to your smartphone for easy monitoring with the Yolanda app. Your personal health data is saved automatically once you input your name, age and height.

Additionally, you can get a physical examination score, with recommendations for improvement to help you achieve your ideal weight.

Gearbest | Amazon

Yeshm Body Fat Scale

The Yeshm range of scales easily measure BMI, weight, body fat, body water, bone density, body muscle, bone mass, and other metrics. With antiskid and anti-rollover design these scales provide you with more safety. 

Chinese smart scale

They come in a range of innovative and interesting designs. From ABS and tempered glass to bamboo.

Chinese smart scale

The company also manufactures ultra portable versions of these scales in funky designs such as the retro cassette player version and envelope design. These scales feature a unique hidden sliding display that keeps the size of the ultra-portable scale minimal. Just pull the display out when you need it.

Chinese smart scale

Many of these scales allow for multiple users and feature high definition LCD displays.

Chinese smart scale

Its worth noting, some of these scales are not ‘smart’ in the true sense of the word, i.e. they do not feature WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. The Yeshm Air Scale is one, for example, that does feature Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying smartphone app. So make sure you read the small print to avoid disappointment.


Melon 508 Smart Digital Body Weight Scale

Chinese smart scaleThis is a popular Chinese scale that features a very sleek design and a miniaturised form factor – measuring only 285mm x 245mm. The scale has thick tempered glass (so there is no chance of it breaking) and an LCD display. The rounded edges are pleasing to the eye.

The scale has simple and straightforward operation – just step on it when you’re ready to weigh yourself, and it gives you a quick measurement. The scale is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system. It tracks weight for up to 8 users, but you will not get body fat and other more complicated readings.

All in all though this is a nice looking, inexpensive scale that would compliment any bathroom. Particularly if you like minimalist designs and glass tops.


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