Fitbit’s entire 2016 lineup is on sale right now

Amazon is having a sale on Fitbit’s entire 2016 lineup right now. The discounts are similar to the ones we saw in December, around 25% depending on which device you’re after.

The sale started just ahead of Valentines Day – perhaps not the brightest of ideas giving your loved one a device suggesting they need to lose weight! Right up there in terms of risky gifts.

The good news is that the original sale, which was set to end of February 15th, is still going strong. How long it keeps going is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the company is trying to make up for poor 4th quarter sales.

Last year, we saw a number of new members of the Fitbit family. The latest additions are the Charge 2 and Flex 2, both released in September. The devices are a big leap forward in terms of design, although in terms of functionality it is fair to say that the company is prettying up what it already has on offer. The trackers, however, show that Fitbit has learned enough about design to compete with more stylish rivals.

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Fitbit Charge 2 is our choice for best fitness tracker for the average person. This sleek looking device carries over all all of the features found on its predecessor, and throws in an OLED display that is four times as large. This means you will find 24/7 heart rate monitoring (including resting heart rate), and the gadget will keeps tabs on steps, distance, floors, active minutes, calories and sleep. To help you stay active throughout the day, Charge 2 sends Reminders to move that encourage you to take 250 steps every hour.

Fitbit has also thrown in a few new features that tap into your hear-rate readings. The most useful one is called Cardio Fitness Level. It gives you a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalised Cardio Fitness Score, which is based on your VO2 Max. The other new addition are Guided Breathing Sessions. This is a relaxing mindfulness experience that calms your body and mind through personalized deep-breathing sessions called “Relax”.

Check out all the discounts below:

Fitbit is the global leader in wearables sales. There is a reason its trackers sell so well. They are simple to use, reliable, look smart, provide great vitals statistics and have an excellent app behind them.

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