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Once you have a newborn, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, the wearables market today is not only limited to adults.

There are an increasing number of high tech devices that are making the job of taking care of your little ones a bit easier. They range from fitness trackers and smartwatches for kids, to wearables for babies – devices that allow you to track your infant’s vitals and make sure that they are comfortable.

And no, we are not talking about audio and video monitoring. We now have a raft of fully fledged wearables that attempt to hack into your little one’s every want and need. This includes anything from tracking movement to monitoring breathing and body temperature.

Technology has finally taken on its tiniest audience. Yes, its time to quantify your baby!

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Sproutling Baby Monitor

baby wearables

A wearable band for your baby, a smart charger and a mobile app work together to not only monitor more effectively, but learn and predict your baby’s sleep habits and optimal sleep conditions. Sproutling claims that it can let you know ahead of time when your baby is most likely to wake up and even what kind of mood she’ll be in when she is up.

The band, which is worn on the ankle and encapsulated in medical-grade silicone, uses an optical hear-rate sensor to measure heart rate, an accelerometer to track the baby’s position and a contactless sensor to gauge the baby’s temperature. The device also factors into its algorithms the room temperature, humidity, sound and light.

The accompanying smartphone app communicates with the tracker and lets you know if your baby is sleeping soundly. Sproutling will also send you an emergency notification if something suddenly seems wrong, like a sudden spike in body temperature or an irregular heart rate.




613DCL8Pj7L._SL1000_Mimo keeps you connected to your baby no matter where you are. The smart monitor allows you to hear your little one’s coos and cries and get real-time insights, whether you’re in bed, downstairs, out to dinner, or at the office.

Mimo uses proprietary, wearable, non-contact sensors to provide parents with real-time information. Using Bluetooth Low Energy in the Turtle, information is streamed to the Lilypad and up to the cloud. The device uses ultra low-power Bluetooth Low Energy, which is lower power than a standard audio monitor or your smartphone.

Available on iOS and Android, the Mimo app gives you insight about your baby’s sleep quality (REM vs non-REM), sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature. You can even set up alerts to be kept notified of changes in your baby’s activity including irregular breathing, wake-ups and roll-overs.

Mimo kimonos are available in three different sizes, so you can keep monitoring your little one as they grow. Kimonos are machine washable, 100% soft cotton, and you can even throw them in the dryer on low heat. The Mimo can be worn under additional sleepwear such as a swaddle or pajamas, or can be worn on top of up to three layers of cotton.


Pacif-i Smart Dummy

Baby heart monitor

The Pacif-i is a device that allows you to know your infant’s temperature, without disturbing them. Because the gadget emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal to your phone every two minutes, it also works as an excellent location tracker.

On the outside, the gadget looks just like a normal pacifier, but the Pacif-i contains sensors within its silicon teat that allow it to do its magic. The smartphone app time-stamps and plots the day’s temperature on a graph, so you can see the progression over time. You can even set up alerts and reminders when to re-take your baby’s temperature or administer medication.

Pacif-i has a range of 30 feet, so you can monitor your infant’s even while they are in another room. To be on the safe side, the smartphone app allows the device to be calibrated wearables for babiesfrom other temperature measuring devices such as infra-red in-ear thermometers.

Pacif-i is compatible with IOS and Android devices that are Bluetooth smart enabled. The coin cell battery has enough juice to keep it going for approximately 1 year. The wearable has a built-in tracker, so you’ll hopefully never lose it.




Baby heart monitorMonBaby is a Smart Button that once attached to your baby’s clothing sends breathing and activity data to your smartphone 5 times per second. The device is also a movement detector, and can sense if the baby rolls, falls or is removed from proximity.

Just like Mimo, the device uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology and sends alerts to your smartphone. However, MonBaby provides you with the option to customize your tracking by choosing only the alerts you want to receive.

Monbaby has a universal design which allows you to use it as your child grows without requiring additional sizes to buy. If your baby’s favorite pajama gets dirty just unsnap the device and clip it to another item of clothing. The Smart Button itself produces no sound, light or vibration while actively monitoring your baby.


Snuza Hero

Baby heart monitor
Snuza Hero movement monitor is a wearable device which attaches to your baby’s diaper and monitors your baby’s abdominal movement. The gadget detects the slightest of movements and will alert you if abdominal movement is weak or less than eight movements per minute.

Baby heart monitorSnuza Hero has a unique vibration feature that is activated to stimulate your baby if abdominal movement is not sensed for 15 seconds.  Often the vibration is enough to rouse the infant and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. However after three vibration/rousing incidents, a Rouse Warning will alert you that movement has stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If an additional 5 seconds of no abdominal movement is detected a sharp audible alarm will sound.

Snuza is made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics and does not send or receive radiofrequency signals. It comes with a replaceable battery and a comprehensive 1 year warranty.



Baby heart monitor

Owlet acts as a guardian, standing watch over your child at night. The device is a smart sock, that not only keeps the baby’s tootsie warm, but also gives a full read of his or her vitals.

When you put this wearable slipper on your baby’s foot, using pulse oximetry the device will silently measure heart rate and oxygen levels. It will then send that information to the app on your smartphone as well as to a Base Station. The two work in tandem, and will sound an alert if your infant’s heart rate dips too low or spikes too high.

Additionally, the Smart Sock has the essentials… it’s hypoallergenic, Latex Free, BPA Free, and Lead Free, and fully adjustable so that your baby will feel as comfortable.



Baby heart monitor

Now something a bit different. You may not be aware that speaking with your baby from birth can impact their trajectory for life. Even before your child can verbalize thoughts, their brain is busy processing language.

Baby heart monitorResearchers from top universities like Stanford have been documenting how verbal engagement affects brain development, and the findings are remarkable. Apparently, the number of words a child hears before age four is the single biggest predictor of their future success. This means that every opportunity you have to talk to your baby is a chance to help them succeed.

Starling is a smart little device that tracks the number of words your baby hears and says each day. The wearable clips to your little one’s clothes in the morning and stays there until bedtime when you can pop it back into its charging dock. At any time, simply pressing Starling’s button will let you know if you’ve hit your daily target yet, with a blinking red or green light.

Paired with its smart-phone app, Starling gives you personalized information, analytics, and activities to make sure your child is on track to reach their full potential. Don’t worry. Starling doesn’t record anything you say – it simply counts words as they pass by.



Baby heart monitorMonitoring your infant is particularly important during the baby’s early stages of development. Not strictly a wearable, the Baby Sense 5s is a highly sensitive device that monitors a baby’s micro-movements through the mattress. You can also set up alerts to be notified if the infant’s micro-movements stop or become irregularly slow. For example, when no breathing movement is detected within 20 seconds or if the breath rate slows to less than 10 breaths per minute.

The device was the first of the “new age” breathing movement monitors. It was developed and patented in Israel more than two decades ago. According to the company’s website, Babysense’s has helped protect over 600,000 babies around the world.



010515cesthermometer_1280x720-1024x576A much simpler wearable comes in the form of a low cost stick-on patch aptly named TempTraq.

This is at 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature via Bluetooth to your mobile device.

The “hands-free” thermometer is essentially a disposable adhesive bandage, about the size of a credit card. If you were to open it, you would find inside a thin and flexible battery along with a few other electronic parts for measuring temperature. The device is handy in that it allows you to monitor temperature without having to constantly wake your baby and you can set it up to send you notifications if an “alert temperature” is reached.


Infanttech Smarttemp


Infanttech’s new FDA-approved bluetooth baby thermometer provides parents an innovative way to track their child’s temperature in real time through their smartphone.

71nmtjtq03l-_sl1500_Traditional digital thermometers require parents to frequently monitor their children’s temperature manually, and especially at night. This often comes with stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion to parents and often causes the babies to feel uncomfortable and resistant.

Smarttemp is easy to use. Simply download the smartphone app (Available for both iOS and Android), place the thermometer under baby’s underarm with adhesive pad, and monitor your baby’s temperature.

Smarttemp comes with the thermometer, a carrying case, 10 adhesive pads, and has up to a 3 year battery life with no charging required. You can even set it up to alert you when the temperature rises beyond the threshold, and it can be set up to provide medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage.


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TempTraq is not the first and, hence, not the only constant temperature monitoring device in the market.