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The same technology that is invading every part of your life is now also becoming an integral part of amateur and professional sport. After all, the quickest way for players in any sport to improve is by quantifying their performance and building on what is right or wrong.

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America’s favourite past-time, baseball, is no different. Major League Baseball (MLB) has a reputation for being resistant to change but the organisation began allowing players to use the Motus Baseball Sleeve and Zephyr Bioharness monitor for the 2016 season. This year, league officials have added one more wearable to the approved list – the Whoop Strap. Some of these devices aim to assist with injury prevention, while others give coaches and trainers an overall look at players performance.

While baseball has been a bit late to the party as compared to running, tennis or swimming, there are an increasing number of devices that aim to take your performance up a notch.

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Zepp Baseball 2

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Simply take a few swings and the 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes in Zepp’s second generation tracker will instantly evaluate areas where you need to improve.

The device attaches to the end of your bat and monitors: bat speed at impact, hand speed max, time to impact, attack angle and vertical angle at impact. Each swing can also be tagged with the hit type and location then stored for later reference. The built-in flash storage has enough memory for up to 2,000 swings.

Like some of the other devices on this list, you can access video and 3D swing analysis. The accompanying smartphone app also provides personalized video training programs from MLB Players and coaches.

Zepp Technology has developed a Smart Bat, too (read more). This custom-made model has a cavity in the knob that allows the tracking device to fit inside.


Motus Global Throw

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One of a select few devices approved for in-game use by MLB, the quarter-sized sensor Motus Global Throw tracks both throwing and batting metrics. This enables players to monitor workload to prevent injury and improve their game.

You can monitor workload / UCL Stress, discover Hot / Cold Hitting Zones and access interactive data trends. There is also a interactive Bullpen Mode which analyzes consistency and deception while identifying flaws across pitch types. Detailed metrics, video and interactive tools allow players and coaches the ability to customize programs and train smarter than ever.

There are two apps to choose from, Motus Throw and Motus Batting. For throwing, Motus attaches to the specially built lightweight compression sleeve. If you want to track your batting skills, the motus Clip Accesory allows you to affix your motus Sensor to just about any batting glove, quickly and securely.


Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker

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SwingTracker attaches to virtually any bat, captures nearly 10,000 data points per second about the swing and sends that data instantly to the accompanying SwingTracker mobile app.

The wealth of data dished out by the device includes: SPEED (Max Hand Speed, Max Barrel Speed, Speed Efficiency, Forward Barrel Speed); CONTROL (Distance in the Zone, Hand Cast Distance, Approach Angle); QUICKNESS (Trigger to Impact Time), POWER (Applied Power, Max Acceleration, Impact Momentum). You can compare your swings to other players from Youth all the way through to Professional on all these metrics.

There is also a video capture mode. You can even compare 3D models of two swings on top of each other or side-by-side, and access training content and 3D drills to improve your performance.


Blast Baseball 360 Swing Analyzer

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The Blast baseball sensor is a motion capture device that tracks your swings in real time. Simply attach the device to the bottom of any bat and start swinging. The sensor and accompanying app capture video highlights, help you analyze your mechanics, and provide drills for improvement.

Blast Baseball uses a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers to dish out insightful metrics. This includes swing speed, time to contact, swing direction and power. There is also something called the “Blast Factor”, derived by combining swing efficiency and power made up of timing, rotation, and velocity metrics.

The Smart Video Capture with metric overlay and slow-mo video allow you or your coach to visually identify areas to improve upon in order to become a stronger, more efficient, and overall better hitter.



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