StrikeTec: Track real-time punch speed, force, technique and training patterns

crowdfunding-picTechnology is slowly changing the way we train and play sports. Boxing has been a bit late to the party as compared to tennis, running or swimming, but a new campaign on Indiegogo wants to change this.

StrikeTec is a wearable for boxing and MMA fighting that seeks to eliminate guesswork and optimize training. The first version of the device was not available for retail purchase, and was used instead in professional fights by major television networks, major promotions and by professional fighters, coaches and fans.

This new version is not just for pro’s as StrikeTec has integrated many features designed to support and help millions of people that use boxing as a means of exercise. Whether in the ring, the gym, working out with a partner or solo you’ll get real-time feedback via your mobile app on your training session.

To use the wearable, you’ll need to secure the sensor under your wrist wrap or glove velcro. Once paired with the smartphone app, the little gadget automatically measures your strike data, including your speed, power, count, type or combination, as it happens. At the end of your session, you’ll get more stats such as your average speed, average power, most/least popular strike combinations, round by round performance, endurance, fatigue and more.

This is a great little wearable for those who want to use boxing or martial arts for exercise. It can help you, your family and friends get out of the chair, off the couch and competing against each other with safe, easy to execute, Striking exercises. You’ll also have access to StrikeTec’s growing community of coaches, athletes and fans.

If you’ve ever wondered who has the fastest or most powerful hands in the gym, on the block, in your family or amongst friends – this is your chance to find out. You can measure and compete by strike type, by combination, by round, by minute, by set. The opportunities are almost unlimited.

Price: $250 and up

Funding open:
$24,715 pledged of $30,000 goal
5 days to go

Estimated delivery: July 2017

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