Smart thermometers: the non-invasive way to measure temperature

Only available in hospitals to measure the temperatures of patients without touching them, smart thermometers have been brought to our homes by companies such as Koogeek and Withings. Unlike traditional methods, this is a much more sanitary way to take anyone’s temperature.

The technology is relatively new and infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation emitted by the object being measured. These trackers are sometimes referred to as laser thermometers, as a laser is used to help aim the thermometer.

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In addition to smart thermometers, there are a number of other multi-functional devices you can use to monitor the temperature of your baby.

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Withings Thermo

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Withings Thermo, perhaps the best known name on this list, is the first smart thermometer to be approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. A fast, simple, no-contact gesture yields a temperature reading, and automatic sync with the dedicated app also allows you to track your stats, get reminders, and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone.

thermo-application-c Thermo has 16 sensors which take over 4,000 measurements to find the hottest spot on the side of your head. The device measures from the temporal artery, considered the best place to detect temperature changes as the blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body. And since there is no contact with earwax, saliva or any other body fluid, this is an extremely sanitary way to take anyone’s temperature.

Thermo delivers color-coded feedback on the device that is relevant to the user’s age profile, to help you understand the reading. For more advanced info and health advice, head over to the app.

Up to five family members can have profiles within the app. In addition to tracking temperature and symptoms, you can enter comments, and medications in any user profile. This helps you see if the treatment is effective and allows you to maintain a log to share with a doctor.

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Koogeek Smart Thermometer

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51x3fp244cl-_sl1001_Koogeek is a relatively new entrant in market for health and fitness technology. The company sells a smart scale, a blood pressure monitor, an abdominal muscle exerciser and a SmartPlug. All of these communicate with the user through a smartphone app and Koogeek’s ‘Smart Cloud System’.

The Koogeek smart thermometer is extremely easy to use. A quick look at the instructions is all that it takes to be able to use all of its functions. There are only two buttons, a display, and two indicator lights for in-ear or forehead use.

A simple one second scan across the forehead is required to take a reading. The Chinese company says the measurement error is within ±0.2℃. If you prefer, you can also opt for the in-ear measurement option. This is useful as it gives you the ability to double-check your forehead reading.

The thermometer is dust proof, drop proof and dirt proof. In terms of battery life, this is one less smart gadget you will need to recharge as it comes with a long lasting replaceable coin cell battery.

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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

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51wa1z-g8ll-_sx466_Kinsa tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses and medications for each family member so you don’t have to, and offers real-time guidance to help you decide what to do next. It is slightly different from other devices covered in this article, in that there is contact with the skin.

The device measures temperature with professional accuracy in one second and automatically syncs with your smartphone. In fact it is FDA cleared for accuracy.

No batteries are required and included is a flexible, easy-clean comfort tip. A nice touch is the fun, bubble-popping game on the accompanying smartphone app. It keeps your kids engaged while you are taking their reading.


You can also opt for the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer which takes accurate 1 second digital temperature readings. With its ergonomic design, its equally suitable for adults and children.

The device connects to your smartphone phone via bluetooth and offers real-time, personalized guidance on how to soothe symptoms, take medications and call the doctor. With a battery life that lasts 1,000 readings, you won’t be fumbling around in the dark looking for batteries when you need that nighttime reading.


Infanttech Smarttemp

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Infanttech’s new FDA-approved bluetooth baby thermometer provides parents an innovative way to track their child’s temperature in real time through their smartphone.

71nmtjtq03l-_sl1500_Traditional digital thermometers require parents to frequently monitor their children’s temperature manually, and especially at night. This often comes with stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion to parents and often causes the babies to feel uncomfortable and resistant.

Smarttemp is easy to use. Simply download the smartphone app (Available for both iOS and Android), place the thermometer under baby’s underarm with adhesive pad, and monitor your infant’s temperature.

Smarttemp comes with the thermometer, a carrying case, 10 adhesive pads, and has up to a 3 year battery life with no charging required. You can even set it up to alert you when the temperature rises beyond the threshold, and it can be set up to provide medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage.


iProven ET-828BT

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The iProven thermometer is extremely accurate and reliable. No probe covers and no caps are required for this model, which can be used as Baby thermometer as well as adults and elderly people.

The thermometer does what it says on the tin, with its single power button. On/off, take temperature and change the reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. Readings are communicated via bluetooth to your mobile iPhone or Android device.

The smartphone app guides you through the measurement process so you can be sure of a correct measurement. The app also keeps track of all your temperature readings and displays them on a daily and weekly basis. It does not sync with Apple Health app, but the iProven may roll this feature out in the future.



Vivalink is offering a new way to monitor your kids temperature. The device has received clearance from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and is now available for purchase. This soft, wearable thermometer uses aSkin technology to continuously measure temperature and wirelessly send that information to a smartphone or tablet.

To use the device, simply pair it with your smartphone and stick the pink and blue flexible patch to the skin using the medical-grade adhesive. The mobile app will immediately begin to track the wearer’s temperature. You can also set a temperature alert in the app to be kept informed of any temperature spikes. The app will send alerts even when your phone is in sleep mode.

Fever Scout can be worn for up to a whole week before needing to be recharged. You do need to change adhesives every 24 hours or so.

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