Moving away from the wrist – the best smart clothing

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Lets face it – the wrist is probably not the best place to stick a bunch of sensors. Not if we truly want wearables to go mainstream. A much better way of integrating connected tech into your daily life is through fabric that covers your body. After all, connected tech is at its best when it is inconspicuous.

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Sensors embedded into your everyday wear are in a perfect position to understand the minute workings of your body. From monitoring your heat rate to analyzing your sweat and keeping tabs on your breathing. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, these are items you would have worn anyway, but smarter. Which means no extra effort or adjustments to your routine.

Current generation sensors are either attached to apparel or embeded in the garment itself as demonstrated by products from Ralph Lauren. In the next generation the garment will be the sensor.

It is safe to say, we can look forward to a not too distant future when having smart clothes in your wardrobe becomes the norm. And when this happens, it will make wrist worn fitness trackers obsolete. And to the delight of Swiss watch makers, it will also render watches back into fashion items.

While compiling this list, we’ve examined functions and features carefully and thoroughly. We try to test every device personally, but where not possible we took user reviews into consideration and dismissed devices with bad customer reviews and low ratings. This left us with the following selection.

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Athos Core | OMBra | Sensoria Running Socks | Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt | Lumo Run | Hexoskin Smart | UA Athlete Recovery Sleepware

Athos Core

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moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothing

The 20 gram Athos Core collects and analyzes data from the Athos line of clothing which is embedded with micro-EMG sensors. And this is what makes this product unique. Athos gear can collect and evaluate electrical activity produced by your muscles to show how hard they are working.

moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothingSlipping on an Athos shirt will allow you to track exertion of major upper-body muscle groups: pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats and traps. Shorts track exertion of major lower-body muscle groups: inner quads, outer quads, hamstrings and glutes. The information is relayed via Bluetooth to the smartphone app which in turn provides real-time biometric tracking, including muscle activity and insights to help you to exercise correctly and avoid injury.

With this gadget, you can also track your heart and breathing rate, and there is a 6-axis accelerometer for measuring movement, calorie expenditure and active time versus rest time.*

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moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing 2 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothingCanadian tech company OMsignal released the OmBra recently, along with a smartphone app called OMrun. The product was actually created four years ago but has only hit the market now due to a lack of resources.

OMBra goes beyond the basic heart rate. It also measures metrics such as distance, time, cadence, pace, impact, and breathing rhythm. This is the first ever sports bra to combine heart and breathing rhythms to deliver actionable insights for runners of all levels. Intensity level data is utilized for optimal progress and fat burning results, while helping reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

The bra is adjustable with straps, padding and cups. It also comes in four sizes and four colors designed to fit your needs.

If you are after a sports bra, you could also opt for the Sensoria Sports Bra (view on Amazon*). The garment allows you to snap any Bluetooth smart heart rate monitor onto the front of the bra, and the textile electrodes sewn into the bra detect your heart rate and feed it to the heart rate monitor.

Sensoria Running Socks

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smart shoes tracking fitness through your feet 9 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothing

These are no ordinary socks. Sensoria Smart Socks are infused with 100% textile pressure sensors to inform you in real-time when you are striking with the heel or the ball of your foot.

The smart garment connects to a light weight anklet which wirelessly relays data during your run to the Sensoria Fitness mobile app. You will then get information in real-time such as your cadence and foot landing technique.

The accompanying smartphone app monitors your run in much more detail detail and provides you with a foot heat-map as well as information on your foot landing, contact time on the ground, cadence, pace, heart rate (when connected with the Sensoria HRM or other devices), speed, distance, altitude gains, GPS track and many other paramenters. The app also allows you to tailor your goals and track your progress.

At CES 2017, Sensoria announced the second generation of its fitness sock. You now get more data, and Sensoria Core, the unit which houses the technology, is smaller. Pre-orders for Sensoria Sock 2.0 will soon be available for delivery later in 2017.


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moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing 2 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothingThe luxury fashion brand Ralph Lauren is an unlikely name in the race to produce fashionable tech garments. Its mens’ only PoloTech Shirt was designed in collaboration with OMsignal to read vital signs. this includes heart rate and variability, breathing depth and recovery, intensity of movement, energy output and stress levels, steps taken and calories burned.

Conductive threads are woven into the compression top and a lightweight module snaps around the left rib cage to relay information via Bluetooth. The smartphone app offers live fitness monitoring and offers workouts tailor-made to how your body is reacting. The shirts itself is 70%, 21% nylon and for elasticity 9% spandex.

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moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing 3 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothing

Lumo Run is a small and discreet sensor that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. This standalone sensor, which measures only 25 grams, clips onto the back of the waistband and works with any pair of running shorts.

The device can measure a whole host of metrics including cadence, bounce, ground contact time, braking, pelvic rotation and stride length. Using these metrics, Lumo Run offers run summaries for each run through the Lumo Run app, auditory coaching via headphones during the run, and personalized coaching tips to help the runner improve form for better performance and injury prevention.


Hexoskin Smart

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moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing 3 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothing

moving away from the wrist the best smart clothing 4 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothingHoxoskin is another Canadian based outfit. The startup is already on its second generation line of smart shirts which are capable of tracking the wearer’s heart rate, heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing rate, VO2 max, minute ventilation, activity level, acceleration, calories, cadence and steps. An impressive list indeed.

The company says its products have been chosen by 4 space agencies, 3 military organizations, and professional sports teams around the world.

A small device slips into the shirt pouch to capture data in real time. It then sends it all via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which dishes out various insights. You can even sync data with third party apps such as Strava, RunKeeper and Endomondo. The battery life is 30 hours.

Unlike the Ralph Lauren shirt, Hexoskin is available for both men and women. There are also short and long sleeved versions to choose from.

Amazon | Hexoskin*

UA Athlete Recovery Sleepware

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under armour s new sleepwear line speeds up recovery with infrared technology 2 - Moving away from the wrist - the best smart clothing

These pyjamas, which debuted earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, use infrared technology to reduce inflammation and help you sleep better. They were created in collaboration with star NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s wellness brand TB12.

Dubbed the Sleep & Recovery System, the garment is the first of its kind. The key is the print on the inside of the sleepwear, which uses bioceramic particles to absorb the body’s natural heat and reflect back “Far Infrared.” This helps the body recover faster while promoting better sleep as confirmed by a NIH independent study.

The technology is currently used for therapeutic purposes in lamps and saunas. Apparently, the idea for the garment came from Brady himself some two and a half years ago. The company has been working since then trying to figure out the best way to embed the infrared tech into clothing, and its only now that its hit the shops.

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