90fun smart sport shoes: Intel powered sneakers for tracking fitness

bioring the personal trainer on your finger 2 - 90fun smart sport shoes: Intel powered sneakers for tracking fitness

Fitness tracking typically consists of incorporating a wrist wearable or chest strap into your routine. But there is a much easier way. 90FUN Smart Sports Shoes are athletic shoes that track and record training performance.

The water resistant, anti-slip trackers can tell whether you are walking, running, cycling or even climbing stairs with no input from you. The intelligence actually comes from an embedded Intel Curie tracking chip.

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With a ergonomic arch design and anti-bacterial removable soles, the shoes are capable of counting your steps, calories burned, distance and speed. The feet are, after all, the most logical place to capture these metrics. For a comprehensive report of your activity, the shoes connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth LE and sync tracking data to the Mi-Home app.

Rather impressively, the intelligent footware will keep going for two months on a single charge. That’s useful as shoes are probably not something you would want to be charging every night!

Perhaps the most attractive part of the package is the price. Going for less than $100, the intelligent sneakers come in at a lower price point than much of the competition.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open: 

$743,277 total funds raised
1,482% funded on August 15th

Estimated delivery: December 2017

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actofit auto track your gym workouts - 90fun smart sport shoes: Intel powered sneakers for tracking fitness

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