First leaked images of Garmin Forerunner 645 surface

Courtesy of JFSports, we now have the first leaked images of the upcoming Forerunner 645. And it seems there will more than one version.

When it comes to design, the successor to the 630 is going to see a significant revamp. Resembling a blend between Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 935, the lightweight device features a round screen and discreet crown.

The presence of five physical buttons indicates that a touch screen this time around is unlikely. The buttons have names next to them and read the same as the current Fenix and Forerunner 935 series. So clockwise from the top right hand side: Start/Stop; Back; Down; Up; and Light.

As the pictures show there will be a number of colours to choose from. The bracelet is textured, and the watch will be fitted with QuickFit straps.

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Although there are no leaks on actual technical specs, it is safe to assume the water resistant, GPS watch will include a heart rate sensor and barometer, obvious omissions from the previous version. It is also possible we may see the inclusion of Garmin Pay although that is less definite. The feature made its debut on the Vivoactive 3.

The big novelty, for Garmin, is the integration of a music player. The screen shots do not reveal much, but the clue is in the name. If the images are credible, Garmin will release a version with music called Forerunner 645 Music and one without called Forerunner 645. So expect built-in storage for music on the more high-end edition.

One other watch in the Forerunner series that is rumoured for a debut later this year is the 245. An upgraded version of the 235, it is likely to resemble the 645 but with fewer features and performance metrics.

Its worth pointing out, these are all rumours for now and nothing has been confirmed yet by Garmin.

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