Best Black Friday wearable tech deals on Amazon UK

Its that time of the year again. What started off as a US annual mega-retail event has now become a global shopping holiday.

Amazon in the UK will have new ‘Deals of the Day’ every day throughout the Black Friday long weekend. There will also be thousands of ‘Lightning Deals’ – products available at a discount, in limited quantities, for short periods of time.

All of the devices below are currently offered at sizable discounts from their regular retail price. We will monitor the pages regularly to bring you the latest wearable technology deals on offer. We recommend that you regularly check this page for the latest discounts.

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Fitbit is the global leader in wearables sales. There is a reason its trackers sell so well. They are simple to use, reliable, look smart, provide great vitals statistics and have an excellent app behind them. With Ionic going on sale in October, the company now has twelve different devices for tracking steps and calories. You can still purchase all of these, although some of the older devices have been superseded with new versions.


Garmin was an early mover and pioneer in the wearables market. For those who are very serious about tracking their athletic pursuits, the company sells a range of sports watches. Garmin’s strategy is centered on purpose-built devices for consumers who are interested running, cycling, swimming, golfing and more. For those who are simply looking to be more active, there is also an ever increasing selection of fitness trackers.


Samsung is a global conglomerate that operates multiple subsidiaries in a wide range of industries. Headquartered in South Korea, the company operates in over 75 countries. In the wearables market, Samsung offers a number of smartwatches and activity trackers, as well as their Tizen open-source operating system.


California-based Misfit offers a range of health and fitness activity trackers. Now owned by Fossil, the company has been around since 2011, but has in this short time become one of the leading wearables brands with its line of sleek and inexpensive activity trackers.


After developing their first wireless heart rate monitor, Polar has grown in the wearables market. The company currently sells a range of smartwatches, fitness trackers, bike computers, heart rate monitors and chest straps.


Founded in 1991, TomTom NV is a company that produces navigation and mapping products. It sells action cameras, fleet management systems and location-based products. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company currently has some 4,000 employees worldwide and presence in over 40 countries. The Dutch company also has its own range of activity trackers and GPS sport watches.


Yes, you can still buy a Pebble watch. The startup, which is credited for being one of the first companies to launch the modern smartwatch, was taken over by Fitbit just under a year ago. The deal saw the San Francisco outfit acquire its intellectual property, software and key personnel, but not its hardware.

The fate of existing customers was left in doubt following the acquisition, but Fitbit put some of these fears to rest. An update to the iOS and Android versions of the app was released earlier this year that ended the smartwatches’ dependency on Pebble’s cloud services.

Nokia Health

Following its acquisition of Withings, Nokia has a range of connected health devices. This includes fitness trackers, WiFi scales, connected blood pressure monitors and more.

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