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What is the best Fitbit for your kids?

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Trackers for children may not yet be as commonplace as they are for adults, but perhaps they should be. Childhood obesity is a serious problem. Today, nearly a third of youths are overweight or obese.

Fitness trackers for kids motivate your child to move more by creating a sense of achievement, turning fitness into a fun game and encouraging healthy competition. By teaching your children about their activity levels, you can help to make fitness a habit, not a chore. Kids will learn about the benefits of movement and activity, which will make it more likely they will stay fit long into their adult lives.

On top of all of this you can be sure that using the fitness trackers will be excellent for you as a parent. You will know when to reward effort, and when to push for more, just by glancing at the stats.

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Fitbit is the global leader in wearables sales. There is a reason its trackers sell so well. They are simple to use, reliable, look smart, provide great vitals statistics and have a great app behind them.

While primarily intended for adults, some of the company’s wearables can be used by kids as well. And if you have a Fitbit yourself, this means you can promote a bit of friendly family competition by adding your kids as friends in the app. Encouraging one another is a great way to stay motivated. Who knows, it might get you moving more as well!

You should be aware though, similar to many online services Fitbit’s Terms of Service do not allow users who are under the age of 13 to create Fitbit accounts. This is because US Federal and State regulations prohibit collecting data about children under the age of 13. So if you want to sync your kid’s tracker to the app, you will need to create an account for them.

The other option is to buy a fitness tracker specifically designed for kids. Fitbit is not on this list but there is a healthy selection.

Fitbit Zip

Zip is Fitbit’s cheapest fitness tracker, essentially a pedometer. And lets face it, kids break stuff so your are not going to want to splash out lots of cash on something that may get damaged a few months down the line.

The gadget is as discreet or as invisible as you want it to be, and can be worn as a watch, in your kid’s pocket or on a belt. The little wearable monitors steps, distance, calories burned and syncs everything to your computer or smartphone. Any metric can be tapped to show historical data, and weekly totals.

what is the best fitbit for your kids - What is the best Fitbit for your kids?
Image source: Fitbit

The wearable is very rugged and has a silicone clip and is rain, splash and sweat-proof. The battery doesn’t require charging and will last up to six months. Because it has a small screen, your kid can see their progress in real time.

If you are after a hassle-free, simple pedometer, this is the one to go for.

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Fitbit One

Fitbit One is also a belt-clip/carry on activity tracker, but goes a bit further than Zip. In addition to tracking steps, distance and calories burned, Fitbit One measures stairs climbed and sleep quality.

what is the best fitbit for your kids 2 - What is the best Fitbit for your kids?
Image source: Fitbit

While Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip were novel and innovative back in 2012 when they were released, these days the metrics they track are fairly standard. However, if you are looking for a basic tracker to measure your kid’s activity, the Zip and One both represent great choices due to their reliability and excellent value for money. You may also be able to purchase them at a discount.

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Fitbit Flex 2

what is the best fitbit for your kids 2 - What is the best Fitbit for your kids?
Image source: Fitbit

The Flex 2 is the company’s slimmest tracker yet and for the first time for a Fibit device is water resistant. Which means your kids will be fine wearing the tracker in the shower, pool or ocean, Flex 2 even automatically tracks pool swims including laps, duration and calories burned.

The device is 30% smaller than the original model and features a removable core unit and interchangeable slim, classic fitness bands in seven colors. This is great for kids as you do not want them wearing something bulky on their wrist. A simple LED display uses color-coded lights to show progress towards a daily goal, and keeps your kid connected with call and text notifications.

This is a fully fledged fitness tracker. While it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, it will cover fitness tracking basics including automatic exercise tracking, reminders to move and personalised weekly exercise goals.

The wearable can be worn in a number of ways due to its removable core.

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Fitbit Alta HR

what is the best fitbit for your kids 3 - What is the best Fitbit for your kids?
Image source: Fitbit

More expensive than other devices on this list, the Alta HR is what Fitbit calls the “world’s slimmest” wrist-worn tracker with a continuous heart rate sensor. Until now, continuous heart-rate tracking has only been available in Fitbit’s larger devices. However, the company has developed a new chip that reduces the size and number of components needed by 25%.

In addition tracking everything you can imagine, the gadget also benefits from Fitbit’s new sleep features. ‘Sleep Stages’ uses accelerometer and heart rate data to more accurately estimate how long you spend in Light, Deep, and REM sleep stages each night.

And lets not forget the cool factor. There is one area in which kids will always naturally compete: who has the best toys. Even into the teenage years this can continue with more of a focus on gadgets and accessories. Make sure that you give your kids the best start at fitness by getting them the coolest and funkiest fitness trackers. It will make them the envy of all of their friends at school, which in turn will motivate them to use and show off the fitness trackers even more.

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