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Next generation Solos smart glasses are for cyclists and runners

At CES 2018 today, Solos announced the next generation of its smart glasses. Retaining the good looks and lightweight design of its predecessor, the glasses build on the original features for cyclists and add functionality for runners.

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The specs spit out critical information in real-time through sight and sound, and will keep going for 5 hours between charges. Runners will now get info such as elapsed time, speed, pace, cadence, and heart rate. There is also turn-by turn navigation, and new audio features including voice control, phone calls, listening to music and group chat communication. Plus you get all the great cycling features of the first generation specs.

next generation solos smart glasses are for cyclists and runners 1024x335 - Next generation Solos smart glasses are for cyclists and runners
Image source: Solos Wearables

An important part of the design is the advanced Vistascreen display. Measuring just 4mm in height it enables heads-up see-through vision, helping users to safely view their data while keeping their eyes on the road. The system is compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and a variety of BLE and ANT+ running and cycling equipment.

“We’re thrilled with the new platform integrations and upgrades because they pave the way for so many more sports in the future,” says Tom Futch, Senior Vice President of SOLOS.

“The SOLOS platform provides athletes with an enhanced experience that moves beyond traditional wearables and sensors to now provide insights, progress updates and real-time guidance to help them achieve to their full potential.”

Retailing for a fairly hefty $500, the glasses will be available in the first quarter of 2018. Register on their website if you want to be first in line when they arrive.

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