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Your Apple Watch will soon provide direct access to your medical records

Apple has released a test version of a Health Records app on the Apple Watch and iPhone this week that gives users full access to their medial records.

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When it comes to healthcare, most people don’t have any idea what’s in their medical record. Information about you can be held in various places, including your doctor, any hospital where you’ve had treatment, your dentist practice, and so on.

apple s gymkit begins worldwide rollout in australia - Your Apple Watch will soon provide direct access to your medical records
Image source: Apple

Wondering how to obtain a copy of all your medical records? Perhaps you may not need to.

What if you could look at your records whenever you choose to, without needing to print them? Advances in technology are increasingly making this possible by allowing patients access this type of information online. And Apple is now tapping into this trend. The iOS 11.3 Health app update will allow you to pull up this type of data with just a couple of taps.

Health Records app - Your Apple Watch will soon provide direct access to your medical records
Image source: Apple

To use the service you’ll need to add your medical providers in the Health Records app. About a dozen hospitals have already signed up to the service, as have medical-record vendors. This includes Cedars-Sinai, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Penn Medicine and the University of California, San Diego. This list, of course, will grow over time as more hospitals and clinics connect to the platform, Apple says.

“We view the future as consumers owning their own health data,” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said in an interview with CNBC.

The type of information you’ll be able to access includes allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals. To keep prying eyes away, all data will be encrypted and protected by your iPhone passcode.

Ultimately, “we’re hoping to enable richer conversations between doctor and patient,” said Sumbul Desai, Apple’s digital health lead who’s also a physician and medical researcher and formerly worked at Stanford.

Knowledge is power. When the service is fully operational you’ll be able to look at your illnesses, immunisations and test results before your appointment to see if there is anything you need to discuss with your doctor. You’ll come prepared allowing you to benefit more from your appointment. Plus you’ll be able to make sure your medical information is accurate.

“Our goal is to help consumers live a better day. We’ve worked closely with the health community to create an experience everyone has wanted for years — to view medical records easily and securely right on your iPhone,” added Williams.

“By empowering customers to see their overall health, we hope to help consumers better understand their health and help them lead healthier lives.”

Source: CNBC, Apple

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