Sleepace RestOn
DescriptionThe Sleepace App can analyze and score your sleep quality every day. RestOn reminds you exactly what you need to do to achieve your best sleep on a daily basis. It also provides weekly and monthly sleep quality reports, which may be able to warn you about potential health issues.
RestOn is designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your sleep. It is non-wearable and ultra-thin. With one single snap of the magnetic lid, the device is fixed on the sheet and automatically turned on at the same time.
Batteriesup to 30 days.
Sleep durationYes
Sleep stageslight, deep
Sleep interruptionsYes
Time to fall asleepYes
Heart rateYes (and respiratory rate)
Room environmentNo
Smart alarmYes
Other- You get a sleep score for each night.
- The APP provides sleep consultation, tips and suggestions for exercise, diets, sleep habits, etc. to help users create their perfect personal sleep plan and improve their sleep quality.
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Amazon US rating3.1 out of 5 stars
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