Resmed S+
DescriptionS+ by ResMed is a personalized sleep sensor and monitor. Sensors in S+ measure your breathing and body movements throughout the night to detect key sleep-related parameters within your environment including loud sounds, light levels and temperature. These are analyzed along with how they impact your sleep state to produce customized suggestions for helping you to get a better night’s sleep.
BatteriesPower supply unit
Display1 LED light on the front of the unit - alternates between green, yellow, red or off depending on mode it is in.
Sleep durationYes
Sleep stageslight, heavy and rem sleep.
Sleep interruptionsYes
Time to fall asleepYes
Heart rateNo
Room environmentsound, light levels, temperature
Smart alarmYes
OtherCreates daily sleep scores and charts to help you understand your sleep pattern.
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Amazon US rating3.3 out of 5 stars
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