Lully Sleep Guardian 2
DescriptionThe Sleep Guardian 2 automatically vibrates at the appropriate time to stop your child from having a night terror, and comes with a smart app that helps you visualize their progress. Answer a few simple questions, and the app learns your child's sleep patterns that lead to a night terror, customizing its smart algorithm just for your little one. In a landmark clinical study with Stanford University, the Sleep Guardian stopped 80% of night terrors after 4 weeks of use.
Sleep durationYes
Sleep stages
Sleep interruptionsVibrations turn on automatically to stop night terrors. Advanced sensors detect when your child moves, turning off the vibrations.
Time to fall asleep
Heart rate
Room environment
Smart alarm
Other• Automated Vibrations. Turns vibrations on and off automatically at the ideal time.
• Multiple Device Connectivity. You, your partner, or even your babysitter can control the Sleep Guardian 2.
• Sleep Journal. Lets you take notes and rate the severity of any remaining night terrors.
• Sleep Dashboard + Weekly Metrics. Helps you gain a deep understanding of how your child’s progress.
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Amazon US rating4.7 out of 5 stars
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