RunScribe Pro
DescriptionRunScribe is a lightweight running gadget that mounts on your shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor to capture your movements. The device makes thousands of calculations for every stride.
Battery16 hours of run time and 14 days of Standby on a single charge.
Water resistanceIP7 Standard – which means it's good under 1m of water.
Sensors9-axis integrated motion sensor, combined with a patent-pending kinematic engine
Sensors on both feetYes
Activity trackingSummary Metrics (steps, distance, pace, time, stride length, Efficiency Indicators (stride rate, contact time, flight ratio),
Motion Profile (footstrike type, pronation excursion, pronation velocity), Shock (Shock Gs, Impact Gs, Braking Gs), Symmetry snapshot and simultaneous R v L metrics.
Real time dataNo
Other- Auto start & stop, no need to run with your mobile phone. Upload via compatible iOS or Android device post-run.
- Includes RunScribe web account with full access to metrics, along with online analysis and comparison tools.
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