DescriptionHereO is a real-time connected GPS tracking device, created specifically for children three years and up. The watch comes with a build-in SIM-Card, which automatically connects to a local carrier in more than 120 countries.
Tech specs 
Age range3-12
Size32 x 30 x 14mm. Sizing 112-136mm.
HereO was designed with small children in mind, allowing it to fit properly and comfortably on tiny wrist and is more than 1/2 the size smaller than any other wearable tracking products in the market.
BatteryRechargeable via USB. Battery life lasts up to 24-72 hours.
Water resistanceSplash-proof
DisplayElectronic Paper Display (EPD)
Activity tracking
Smartwatch functionsFully functional GPS/Wi-Fi/GSM tracking device that works in +120 countries – with no roaming charges. Built in SIM card, no contracts to sign. Send messages to all family members with a single click.
Safety functionsGPS tracking, SOS function, Safety Zone.
OtherFree 6 month subscription included, thereafter $4.95/month fixed service fee.
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Amazon US rating2.4 out of 5 stars
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