Motus Global Throw
TypeAn interactive bullpen analyzes consistency and deception while identifying flaws across pitch types. During BP mode, hitters are tested in the nine hot-zones and provided feedback in areas of weakness. Detailed metrics, video and interactive tools allow players and coaches the ability to customize programs and train smarter than ever.
Rechargeable120 mAh Lithium Ion, microUSB rapid charge
Battery lifeup to 8 hours.
DisplaySmartphone app
Sensors3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
OtherMemory allows storage of 450 throws or swings
Connectivity: Bluetooth
TracksTracks both throwing and batting metrics, enabling you to monitor workload and improve your game. Monitor Workload / UCL Stress, Discover Hot / Cold Hitting Zones, Interactive Data Trends, Bullpen Mode
Real-time feedbackYes
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