Zepp Smart Bat
TypeOld Hickory's MT27 Smart Bat Powered by Zepp allows players and coaches to go about their normal practicing routines utilizing equipment they always have, but now with the benefits of technology that is seamlessly integrated. Bats that are "Smart Bat Ready" incorporate a small cavity in the knob of the bat for the Zepp Baseball 2 sensor to be inserted. This provides the natural grip of the bat, and delivers the most accurate data while eliminating any potential distractions to the player or opponents.
RechargeableYes. 1.5 hour full charge. Cycle lasts up to 8 hours.
Battery lifeLithium Ion Battery
DisplaySmartphone app
SensorsDual accelerometers, dual 3-axis gyroscopes
OtherBluetooth connectivity. Flash Storage (holds up to 2,000 swings)
Tracks3D swing analysis. Tracks: bat speed at impact, hand speed max, time to impact, attack angle, vertical angle at impact. Video analysis.
Real-time feedbackYes
OtherPersonalized video training programs from MLB Players and coaches can make you a better player faster.
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