TypeThe device allows players to monitor the workload of their throwing arm and receive personalized throw limit recommendations to avoid injury. Advanced visualizations help them gain insight on their throws, while interactive graphs let them delve deeper into trends. The statistics are available in real-time and allow players and coaches the ability to customize their training programs.
Rechargeable120 mAh Lithium Ion, microUSB rapid charge
Battery lifeup to 8 hours.
DisplaySmartphone app
Sensors3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
OtherThe sleeve is meant to be worn on the quarterback’s throwing arm during practice or a football game.
TracksTotal Throws (#), High Effort Throws (#), Elbow Distraction Force (N), Elbow Valgus Torque (Nm), Arm Speed (RPM), Arm Speed (DEG), Shoulder Rotation (DEG), and Fingertip Velocity (MPH).
Real time feedbackYes
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