Everlast & PIQ
DescriptionWith Everlast & PIQ you can learn details about your punch technique, and find ways to improve. See a detailed dashboard with your performance logged daily, weekly or monthly.
Batteryup to 8 hours
SensorsAccelerometer, gyroscope, and altimeter
OtherThe PIQ robot blue works on either hand, switch hands between workouts, or buy a 2nd ever last & PIQ and monitor both hands at the same time
TracksPunch count, punch analysis (speed, impact, reaction time, cardio boxing)
Real time feedbackNo
OtherThe app highlights the best punches and the best scores in the leaderboard, allowing boxers to compete within the community, with their friends, and to challenge themselves. Each day, after a session, boxers receive the leaderboard with the TOP 10 highlights, and see how they measure up within the community.
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