Hykso Punch Tracking sensor
DescriptionHykso’s punch trackers track your hands’ movement 1000 times per second to detect the number, the type, and the velocity of all your punches.
Batteryup to 4 hours. Charging takes 1 hour via USB.
DisplaySmartphone. Multi-color LED to indicate battery levels and to identify which hand each sensor should be mounted.
SensorsTwo 3-axis accelerometers (one F1 grade and one low-g) and a 3-axis gyroscope
TracksThe Hykso Trackers record over 6000 data points for every single punch, in order to accurately identify your punch and it’s velocity. Delivers statistics on punch count, punch speed, intensity score.
Real time feedbackYes
OtherShare your data and compare your speed, punch count and intensity to other fighters to better know your strengths and weaknesses.
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Amazon US rating5.0 out of 5 stars
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