Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser
Tech specs 
DimensionsSensor: 28mm x 28mm x 11mm (L x W x H)
Pro mount: 34mm x 31mm x 16mm
Flex mount: 33mm x 33mm x 46mm
Weight7.7 grams
Battery life5.5 hours
Water resistanceCan function with light water exposure.
Internal memoryFlash Storage (holds up to 2,000 swings).
Displayvia smartphone.
SensorsDual accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscope
Smart watch compatibleNo
Compatible brandsAll
Impact locationYes
Number of shotsYes
Shot typeForehand, backhand, serve, overhead.
Spin typeTop spin, slice, flat.
Swing speedYes
Ball speedYes
Live trackingYes
Video functionSee your serve instantly in 360 Degree from any angle in 3D Serve Mode.
OtherInstant Analysis: Instantly evaluate where your game improved or what needs work after every match or practice session.
Intensity Score: Track your active time on the court and total shot count to determine the intensity of your practice session or match.
Serve Timing: Measure the backswing and impact time of your serve to improve both consistency and power.
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