Livall Bling Helmet
DescriptionLivall Bling Helmet is smart because it has built-in Windbreak Mic, 3-axis G-sensor, Bluetooth Speaker and LEDs on the top and back of the helmet.
Physical & performance 
Dimensions28 x 23 x 15 cm
the helmet is adjustable between 54 and 62 cm
Display size6 LED rear lights for safety and visibility, 8 LED tail lights serve as direction indicators controlled by the Bling Jet
Display resolution
Color display
Weight816 grams
Battery life
Water rating
GPS enabled
Maps & memory 
Maps and routes
Ability to add maps
Accepts data cards
ANT+ cadence/speed
ANT+ heart rate strap
ANT+ power meter
ANT+ Trainer Control (FE-C)
Bluetooth smart heart rate strap
Bluetooth smart cadence / speed
Bluetooth smart power meter
Power meter compatible
Recording interval
Virtual partner
Biometric altimeter
Electronic gear shift display
Live tracking
Strava live segments
Temperature display
Display GPS & sensor data
Shock resistantYes. Once the G-sensor senses an unusual gravity acceleration, an SOS alert will be sent to a chosen contact or the emergency services.
Wireless connection
Smart notificationsBluetooth speakers and a windproof mic for handsfree phone calls. When in a group, the Windbreak Mic and Bluetooth Speaker enable cyclists to communicate with each other. Furthermore, text messages sent through the accompanying smartphone app will automatically be converted into voice messages. Bluetooth speaker also lets you enjoy your music without headphones
Automatic sync
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