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Acer prepares to launch Liquid Fit Leap band

Acer has just announced its next generation wearable – the Liquid Fit Leap. This is a fitness band that follows in the footsteps of its Liquid Leap and Leap Active devices.

The major upgrade to its first generation wearable is the addition of a 24/7 heart rate monitor. The device has, according to Acer, the longest battery for a continuous optical heart rate monitor. Apparently the battery is twice the size of the one in its existing Leap bands. This means that we can expect an impressive one week of battery life from one charge, during which your heart rate will be continuously read.

acer prepares to launch liquid fit leap band - Acer prepares to launch Liquid Fit Leap band
Image source: Acer

Outside of the heart rate monitor, the Leap Fit features an OLED screen and tracks standard metrics we have seen many times before including how many steps you take, distance, calories and active time. The fitness band also has functions that allow you to manually track your weight, medication, how much you have eaten and even your water intake.

The device will give you a nudge when you have been inactive for too long, and will present you with daily activity progress reports. Acer syncs to an online system, so all your metrics are with you where ever you go. Leap Fit also links up with a smart coaching system that Acer says, will offer useful feedback.

Rather confusingly, the device was announced for the first time about 12 months ago along with the Leap Active and Leap Curve. It is only now, however, that Acer has deemed it ready for sale. The company is aiming to bring it to the market in Q3 this year. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

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