Ziel Smart Sleeve will warn you of potential injury

Two students from Rice University, Texas, have come up with a novel idea of using a smart sleeve to forewarn you of impending injury by continuously measuring muscle stress.

Initially aimed at the baseball segment, the patent pending wearable device combines muscle sensors and motion analysis to identify harmful pitching. The device uses a combination of sensors to feed real-time information back to a connected phone or tablet. If your arm is overworking, an alarm will sound indicating its time to rest the muscle.

Currently, the tech is being aimed at baseball players who have a high chance of tearing their tendons because of high speed pitches. Apparently a quarter of professional baseball players have surgery on their arm at some point in their career, due to prior injuries caused by overexertion and bad technique.

What makes this technology particularly exciting – the exact same technology can be applied to any repetitive physical activity- workouts, marathon running, repetitive stress injuries in the workplace.

Even though the Ziel M2 is on its fourth prototype, it will still be a bit of a wait before you can get your hands on one of these bad boys. The device is expected to hit the mainstream market in 2018. Engadget reports, the sleeve is expected to be priced around $250 with a coaching subscription of $10 a month.

You can find more information on Ziel Solutions.

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