Thim: better sleep through science

bioring the personal trainer on your finger 2 - Thim: better sleep through scienceThim claims it is the first wearable device which can improve sleep. The researchers behind this smart ring discovered you can train your body to fall asleep sooner if you experience the sensation of falling asleep over and over again. They call this technique sleep re-training.

The concept is simple. In their research, participants fall asleep and after 3-minutes are woken up. This gave participants the sensation of falling asleep, repeatedly, over a short period of time.

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Thim delivers this sleep re-training in a wearable device. It will detect when you have fallen asleep, and wake you up soon after. Doing this repeatedly will condition your body to learn to fall asleep with ease.

The device also contains a power-nap module, sleep tracking capability and a smart alarm.

Price: $109 AUD

Funding successful:
$132,000 Australian dollars raised 

Estimated delivery: June 2017
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