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Qardio launches wearable ECG/EKG monitor

Qardio, the company that sells the QardioArm blood pressure monitor and QardioBase smart scale, announced today the launch of a new product. It is called QardioCore – a smart, wearable ECG/EKG monitor. Originally announced at CES 2015, the device is a wireless electrocardiogram monitor designed to improve detection and management of cardiac conditions.

Six subsystem layers of QardioCore’s sensor system record and analyze over 20 million data points daily along with other important heart metrics. The device is particularly suited for people with increased health risk caused by family predisposition, history of heart attacks or strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and excess weight.

ces 2017 qardio launches wearable ecg ekg monitor - Qardio launches wearable ECG/EKG monitor
Image source: Qardio

According to Qardio’s website, QardioCore has been clinically validated and approved by the FDA to accurately and continuously track your complete heart health. The device records your electrocardiogram, heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, respiratory rate, activity and stress level. An impressive list, indeed.

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Unlike traditional ECG/EKG monitors, QardioCore is free from pads, gels and messy wires and it withstands an operating temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees. It is portable, discreet and water resistant and works with the companion Qardio app where you can share your measurements with your doctor, trainer or family members.

QardioCore’s rechargeable battery will run for about a day before needing a top-up. The device, which retails can be ordered from the company’s website and, in select countries, on Amazon.

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  • When will the Quardiocore ECG/EKG be delivered? Are you still waiting on FDA approval?


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